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HOW .............. ?

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    I'm making a country


    Male Number of posts : 130
    Location : UK - England
    Job/hobbies : Student
    Registration date : 2008-02-19

    I'm making a country

    Post by Madwolf on Fri Jul 18, 2008 8:24 pm

    Yes, me and a few friends made a country, the Union of exstatic people [UOEP]. We don't do much as we are very lazy.
    We have a population of 42:
    26 humans
    8 animals
    8 objects

    Here is our flag:

    We originally took a bit of land of the school where we hanged out, we made up area names for different things, and our description of our nation is Very exadurated: A sand pit is a desert, a small mound is a mountain, and a patch of grass is a plain. We were very imaginative.
    A look at the edge of 'Dazeh city': https://2img.net/h/i7.photobucket.com/albums/y275/madwolfmad/UEOP/Dazehcitylq.jpg [in reality it is a concrete slab].
    A drawing of the daisy plains: https://2img.net/h/i7.photobucket.com/albums/y275/madwolfmad/UEOP/003.jpg

    Here is a map some of us made [numbers are our territories, letters are other things]:

    We like things like Rabbits and flowers but are protective at the same time, so we made the 'Happy squid squad' [the police/military - for defense] and the 'Immature intelijens service' [intelligence] which are very lazy [like the rest of the government]

    Eventually we expanded a little and added my house to the UOEP territories, including my pond which has a rock in it [we call this rock 'boffle island' and my house 'boffle palace']
    Here is a population density map [not in proportion]:

    The population map does not include objects and animals, like Mr.button:

    Here are pictures of the lovely Boffle island:

    The union is still expanding, Currently the two constituencies are:
    -Happyland [the captial, consists of the territory on the field and my house]
    -Leavolos [In America, it is very small at the moment]

    The goverment is lazy, but flexible and consists of 3 different departments:
    -Local governments [for each constituency]
    -The Shlondovardy [which is like the senate/parliment]
    -The Head of the Shlondovardy is the 'Pointy moose'
    -The Flumbocracy [The 'Flumber' is the monarch]

    The 2 heads of state are the Flumber and the pointy moose

    Each constituency elects a given amount of people for the Shlondovardy, with a second vote for which person out of the elected becomes pointy moose.

    The Flumber is not elected and has power over the Shlondovardy, however, since the Flumber is a dog it makes little difference:

    We are still in the process of building up our glorious nation, so far it has been a success, we are still deciding on things like national anthems. Though we have already decided that our currency is the 'Smelly oat',
    the Smelly oat symbol is ζ
    1 smelly oat is rougly 20 pence [0.2 British pounds] and is not yet in use.

    I have a lot of plans for this project. Very Happy
    The country is over 4 months old and the website is at: http://toasterlessons.110mb.com/UOEP

    J . U . N . I . O . R

    Number of posts : 117
    Registration date : 2008-02-06

    Re: I'm making a country

    Post by J . U . N . I . O . R on Sat Jul 19, 2008 9:59 am

    am not sure that i got the whole idea of ur made country .. but there are some ideas which are very imaginative and creative ..
    keep it up bro


    Male Number of posts : 130
    Location : UK - England
    Job/hobbies : Student
    Registration date : 2008-02-19

    Re: I'm making a country

    Post by Madwolf on Mon Jul 21, 2008 12:35 am

    Thank you.
    There is no main idea around it, but quite a few smaller ideas, including that of freethinking and developing the mind [though we have not done much with that idea yet] as well as 'Wuv' [Love]

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    Re: I'm making a country

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